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Marilyn Manson - Portrait Of An American Family (1994) (PBTHAL LP 24-96) [FLAC]

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Marilyn Manson
Portrait Of An American Family (1994)
PBTHAL Vinyl Rip

Coming up screaming from the depths of Florida -- there being no scarier state in the union -- Marilyn Manson cannily positioned themselves as a goth-industrial hybrid on their debut album, Portrait of an American Family. At this stage in their evolution, Marilyn Manson was clearly a band, not just the project of Brian Warner, aka Mr. Manson, who would later simply adopt his band's name as his own. Also, horror-show schlock was a bigger factor than it would be later on, when he wanted to be the Antichrist Superstar for the world at large. In other words, it's Manson at his silliest, singing about "My Monkey" and "Snake Eyes and Sissies." Beneath all the camp shock, there are signs of Warner's unerring eye for genuine outrage and musical talent, particularly on the trio of "Cake and Sodomy," "Lunchbox," and "Dope Hat." But even a few years on from its 1994 release, Portrait of an American Family began to sound a little dated, especially since its Nine Inch Nails-meets-W.A.S.P.-meets-Alice Cooper formula was fully realized on Manson's follow-up album, Antichrist Superstar. Here, it's in sketch form, and by the end of the album it's clear that Warner, Manson, whatever you want to call him, needs a full canvas to truly wreak havoc.

foobar2000 1.4.3 / Dynamic Range Meter 1.1.1
log date: 2020-12-10 08:09:06

Analyzed: Marilyn Manson / Portrait Of An American Family

DR         Peak         RMS     Duration Track

DR12      -4.45 dB   -22.73 dB      1:20 01-Prelude (The Family Trip)
DR13      -1.02 dB   -15.79 dB      3:48 02-Cake And Sodomy
DR11      -2.07 dB   -15.43 dB      4:33 03-Lunchbox
DR11      -0.70 dB   -14.44 dB      4:25 04-Organ Grinder
DR11      -1.71 dB   -15.55 dB      3:39 05-Cyclops
DR13      -0.70 dB   -15.22 dB      4:16 06-Dope Hat
DR11      -1.91 dB   -14.85 dB      3:20 07-Get Your Gunn
DR11      -2.52 dB   -16.65 dB      5:36 08-Wrapped In Plastic
DR11      -1.99 dB   -14.31 dB      3:23 09-Dogma
DR11      -2.19 dB   -16.48 dB      5:03 10-Sweet Tooth
DR12      -2.06 dB   -16.02 dB      4:06 11-Snake Eyes And Sissies
DR11      -0.70 dB   -15.44 dB      4:32 12-My Monkey
DR12      -1.07 dB   -16.97 dB      6:10 13-Misery Machine

Number of tracks:  13
Official DR value: DR12

Samplerate:        96000 Hz
Channels:          2
Bits per sample:   24
Bitrate:           2872 kbps
Codec:             FLAC
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